Thursday, March 26th, 2015 marks 6 long months that have passed since the 43 Ayotzinapa students were abducted in Iguala, Guerrero.

We stand in solidarity as we remember all those lives that were stolen by state-sponsored violence, from Ferguson to Ayotzinapa to Palestine. For the 43 disappeared, for the resistance in Mexico. Your legacy lives through us in Ferguson. Todos somos Ayotzinapa. Vivo los llevaron, vivos los queremos! Read the story here.




Once a month Hands Up United (HUU) facilitates a Books and Breakfast for the community of Ferguson and surrounding St. Louis municipalities.  The goal of the program is to encourage an open dialogue with the residents while facilitating local engagement on social justice issues, political theory, and educational development.  Our mission is to cultivate an environment that enhances the skills and experiences to actively fight local level issues that have an undeniable connection to our international partners in the fight for justice.  All of this and a healthy breakfast!

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To date the program has served over 150 local residents, and has inspired Books and Breakfast initiatives in Newark, NJ; Little Rock, Arkansas; Oakland, California, and most recently added Trenton, NJ.

Upcoming HUU Books and Breakfast are scheduled from 9am to 11am on the following dates:

  • January 31st
  • February 28th
  • March 28th
  • April 25th
  • May 30th

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We've Launched "The Roy Clay Sr. Web Development and Entrepreneurship" 6-Week Workshop with Ferguson Youth!

Over 160 community supporters, technologists and activists crowdfunded $10,000 in 10 days to educate Ferguson/St. Louis youth about technology with hopes of bringing their revolutionary movement to the cloud.

The goal of the Roy Clay Sr. Workshop is to help build awareness for local black-owned businesses, small firms that invest back into the community, nonprofits, and social movements in the Ferguson / Greater St. Louis Area. 

10 participants were selected in the pilot program and will learn about web development, social media, and entrepreneurship, plus the negative social and political implications of technology. At the end, participants will share their new tech skills by building the technical infrastructure for mission oriented organizations and businesses that serve the community. Participants will be given a $500 stipend and personal laptop after completing the program.

Students meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 - 8:00 PM, Saturdays 8:oo AM - 5:00 PM.



  • Mentor - As a mentor, you will work along the side of participants and help build their confidence in the skills learned throughout the workshop series. We hope to assign each mentor to one participant during an assigned workshop. A mentor will help brainstorm, problem-solve, and pair on lessons. Sign up here
  • Volunteer - We're looking for volunteers to help with support, operations, logistics, community building, spreading the word and social media. Sign up here
  • Donate - Your support means we can empower more local youth to use technology to help build local businesses and launch their tech careers. Each participants receives 6-week training, a $500 stipend and can be considered for a personal laptop to freelance their skills.
  • Small Businesses - Do you need help launching your business? Our youth can help. Fill out this form and we will contact you. 
  • Partner - Help us grow, collaborate with us, build with us. Knowledge Share. Email: Abby Bobe'

Upcoming Events

About the Tech Impact Initiative

The revolution will be digitized. Computer programming and web development are 21st century skills that can be used to activate ideas, grow small businesses and build grass-root movements. As a way counter cyber warfare, close the digital divide and address the issues of economic equality, Hands Up United will lead technical training workshops to the Ferguson community.




Whether the Civil Rights Movement or the Hip-Hop Movement, music has always been used to inspire people to action. This section of the site will be dedicated to sharing the music of artists who are using their gift to motivate and mobilize.  

The first feature on our music page comes from Ferguson's very own Loki.  Check out his new freestyle "Letter to Obama" which will be featured on his upcoming album Poems From Ferguson.  The song was inspired by the pain the 16 year old frontliner felt after the non-indicment of Michael Brown's murder, Darren Wilson. 

Check out his reason for writing this powerful song:

"My name is Loki. I wrote this song titled 'Letter to Obama' because I don't feel Obama cares for my city. I was inspired to write this when I overheard an old man saying Obama loves us. I don't feel loved by him. He watches young Black men dying and doesn't say anything or try to help, it's as if he doesn't see it. He is Black, his kids are Black, so he should feel our pain. He has a lot of power, I believe enough power to stop what is happening. We won't stop fighting." Loki



The murder of Michael Brown and its aftermath have exposed the ongoing crisis of police-on-black crime. As we work toward justice for the Brown family, we must also address the ongoing systemic problems of police practices in black, brown and all oppressed communities. We come together as diverse organizations to speak with one voice, so that the greater St. Louis area can become a model for justice for all across the United States.


Local Demands 

  1. Swift and impartial investigation by the Department of Justice into the Michael Brown shooting and an expanded Department of Justice investigation into patterns of civil rights violations by police across North St. Louis County.
  2. Immediate arrest of Darren Wilson.
  3. County Prosecutor Robert McCullough to stand down and allow a Special Prosecutor to be appointed.
  4. Firing of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.
  5. Accountability for police practices and policies, including effective civilian review regarding shootings and allegations of misconduct. 
  6. Immediate de-escalation of militarized policing of protestors to protect constitutional rights.
  7. Immediate release of individuals who have exercised their rights to assemble and protest.

National Demands

  1. Obama to come to Ferguson to meet with the people whose human rights have been violated by aggressive and militarized policing, including the family of the victim – Michael Brown.

  2. Eric Holder to use the full resources and power of the Department of Justice to implement a nationwide investigation of systematic police brutality and harassment in black and brown communities.

  3. Ensure transparency, accountability, and safety of our communities by requiring front facing cameras in police departments with records of racial disparities in stops, arrests, killings, and excessive force complaints.

  4. Immediate suspension without pay of law enforcement officers that have used or approved excessive use of force. Additionally, their names and policing history should be made available to the public.

**This is a reflection of the local demands as expressed by local organizations leading on the ground in Ferguson, such as Organization for Black StruggleMissourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, and others. The National Demands reflect demands developed by organizations such as Freedom SideDream Defenders and Color of Change.