Tef Poe Speaking Before the Clayton County Council Meeting

crowd: Arrest him now!

Councilwoman: We need you to listen and let him speak because while you’re talking, his time is running out.

crowd: Well then give him more time!

Tef Poe:

You know, I just. I came here to urge ya’ll to be on the right side of history. Because, you can sit there and act like this isn’t a relevant issue, but you people are the reason that the entire world came to Ferguson, Missouri.

You want to be on the right side of history when our children read about this issue.  You don’t Missouri to look like Birmingham Alabama in 1968. You’re going down in a big ball of flames.  It’s happening, the world is documenting this. This is no longer a local issue. This is no longer something you can put in a box and sweep up under the table.

And ya’ll got to be responsible. It’s time to be responsible. I know you can drive home to Chesterfield, West Country, places that I can’t drive without being harassed and pulled over. So it’s not relevant to you.

But guess what? The roosters are coming home to roost. We’re not scared. We don’t want any more dialogue, Stenger. We don’t want dialogue. You can sit there and look like a da dant da da. We don’t want any more dialogue. We want answers. We want action.

Everybody in this room knows Bob McCullough is a racist. We want action. This is not the typical black people getting up to rally because a cop shot a black boy. This is a world issue. This is about human rights. You sent tanks, TANKS to gas children. I pulled children out of tear gas!  And that was on your watch. And you’re gonna answer for that.