Ferguson Police Raid Youth Organizers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 26, 2014

Ferguson Police Display Massive Show of Force, Evict Lost Voices Canfield Encampment, Arrest Two Prominent Young Organizers 


Nearly 30 Police Officers Accompanied by 3 Flat Bed Trucks Disassemble & Seize Lost Voices Encampment.  Ferguson Police Arrest 19-Year-Old Lost Voices Organizer & 30-Year-Old Technologist with Hands Up United 


Ferguson, MO — At approximately 12:30pm CT members of the Ferguson Police Department raided an encampment maintained by Ferguson youth protesting the death of 18 year old Michael Brown. Ferguson police seized dozens of tents, personal affects, and arrested 2 young women, a 19-year Lost Voices organizer, and a 30-year old technologist with Hands Up United.

On or about 12:30pm CT Ferguson Police arrived at the encampment (located near the intersection of West Florissant & Canfield Drive in Ferguson) with approximately 10 patrol vehicles and 3 flatbed trucks.  The encampment had stood since shortly after the Ferguson protests began, and was dismantled by dozens of police and town employees in a matter of minutes.  The Ferguson police did not indicate their intentions to move, dismantle, or seize the personal property at the encampment and provided no warning or order to disperse when they arrived this afternoon. 

This raid comes less than 24 hours after a similar siege at an encampment outside of the Ferguson Police department and as Ferguson residents are preparing a welcoming committee for a national series of protests, titled #FergusonOctober expected to take place between October 10th–13th  when the Grand Jury is expected to return an announcement in the case against Michael Brown’s killer, Ferguson PD officer Darren Wilson. 

The two young women remain in the custody as of the time of this release. 





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