AmeriKKKan Terrorists

Lets start this off by admitting once and for all one essential fact. 

None of us actually know a damn thing about Isis. While I typically don't find myself admiring anything the president says, when he flew the chopper with this one it's safe to say he's correct. But this doesn't negate the fact that Isis and anything close to its liking is more than likely functioning for the greater good of the american imperialists themselves.

 For the most part according to our tainted American lens of the world, Isis is  just another highly organized, mysterious group of Islamic extremists aka terrorists. As Americans, we don't know their official political stance and we assume every attack on their behalf is committed in the name of defeating democracy and promoting Islamic extremism. Mourning the lost of any form of human life is a necessary duty of any self respecting human being. So any group of people willing to take innocent life to advance it's agenda should be held accountable to the fullest extent. The problem in this case is the American military hype beast is just as guilty as the alleged terrorists. We don't have to slow down and actually read up on this subject ourselves so whatever CNN says will do. I don't agree with these terrorist attacks and I am often annoyed by the ease in which innocent blood is spilled so fluidly. 

This is becoming increasingly dangerous  because as black people sometimes we tend to forget the average picket fenced american citizen has lumped summed us as a race of people into the same exact bracket as Isis. We as a collective group of people are at the helm of a vicious  attack by the same people we are praying for via Facebook.The imperialists have never their high powered media machines to ask  us to pray for East Saint Louis, Cuba, Haiti, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit,Kenya, Ethiopia, Palestine, Chile, or Venezuela. 

When black people subscribe to Islamaphobia we recreate the zealous self exalting  ignorance white supremacy has duplicated through out the planet. Every religion created in Africa including Christianity has been modified to the  likeness of the empire. For the sake of todays agenda Islamic forces like Isis are deemed the enemy  but American mainstream media fails to mention Isis operatives were once sponsored by the CIA.

 The Central Intelligence Agency has never been a friend to any political entity  seeking self determination in the global perimeters of this system. As I write these very words we are receiving early reports of a group of white supremacists unloading gunfire upon a unarmed group of primarily black protesters. These are the aggressive actions of active terrorists but they will not be defined as such by the media. If the shooters were Arab they would instantly be classified and vilified by the general public as the children of lucifer avidly working to usher in the newest form of post millennial Jihad. But instead they are white men with immense access in this country so quite naturally they are not in the custody of the police. 

The victims are also being referenced as agitators clawing for the guns of their shooters and henceforth it is said they have subconsciously brought these acts of violence upon themselves. These activists were shot in front of a police station and their shooters were capable of fleeing from the scene. In America this isn't defined as terrorism because in this country sporadic acts of violence which work in the benefit of the state while eliminating black lives from the face of the earth does not equate to terrorism.

 It is safe to say activists in the movement for black lives share the same range of harassment as hardened international enemies of the state with actual blood on their hands. Imperialism devours everything it touches and the portion of the world commonly known to many as the Middle East has been ravaged by savage colonialists.

These are to the same settlers that have plagued black people in America with drugs and murder. Our communities have both suffered from the hands of conquest conveniently  by you by the real terrorists. As it stands in 2015 the American Government is absolutely  the most brutal regime in the history of the world. A country that cowardly uses mechanisms of fear to create excuses rooted in public  angst against terrorism to spy on it's own citizens is indubitably the real terrorists. When black men are pried out of our homes by the judicial system at a rate that has surpassed the number of blacks slavery held captive this is terrorism. When a 7yr old girl named Aiyana Jones  is murdered in the same bed as her grandmother by the fascist gestapo's this is terrorism. When local gangs are armed by crooked cops and mysterious white men that have unlimited access to guns, weapons, and money- this is terrorism. 

The same security forces that have designed the apartheid walls of Palestine gentrify our neighborhoods and displace us as the original inhabitants our  communities.. In a war there are casualties on both sides of the coin. Unfortunately the casualties we suffer greatly out number those of the enemy. We die and nothing happens unless we the people are pissed off enough to make it happen. In most cases we opt into the mainstream dialogue of the media while commonly forgetting this isn't our media. This isn't a war it is a slaughter and we are the prey. The manipulation of our desires to be considered as American as our white counterparts has driven most of us to the brink of insanity. When black people take up the same exact cause as our oppressor this should be deemed as an act of psychological terrorism. 

All of a sudden we trust the same media monsters that labeled our deceased brothers and sisters as useless thugs.The stage has been set for the average uninformed drastically uneducated red neck to feel as if they must bare arms and defend America. The greatest terrorists of all time understand the necessity of defending their spoils. It is the basic duty of all social free thinkers to challenge these perspectives. As black people in America we are pitted deeply in the belly of the beast. We sleep in the arms of the imperialistic savages nightly while they attack our international family members. 

The same money sponsoring American terrorism in the Congo also pays for the bullets which land inside innocent children in Chicago. Tamir Rice is a victim of American terrorism.The Syrian refugee's are also currently victims of American terrorism. The Ku Klux Klan is the most successful domestic terrorists group on american soil.They are not hunted down and put on display as they die.They instead flee into the night and disappear without a scratch on them.We must now understand  terrorism in America and all of countries she has pillaged in the name of expanding her imperial dynasty is solely limited to the empathy of white people.When we intentionally or unintentionally perpetuate this energy we are committing to the growth and overall international influence of white supremacy as a valid governing structure in our lives.

Thank You,

Tef Poe