[Editorial] No One Feels Protected and Only Served by Bullets - by Bassem Masri

It's been almost six months since Michael Brown was killed. And the killing hasn't stopped. We now have six people dead at the hands of St. Louis police. That is one person a month and the common denominator is that these were all young men of color. Ledarius Williams, the latest victim killed on Feb 3rd, was only 23 years old and was taken from his family and friends too soon.

At the scene, Ledarius Williams’ brother gave a chilling testament while on livestream. He said, "The same police that just killed my brother, shot him four years ago." It seems this young man had no chance. One can even say he had a target on his back regardless if he was doing wrong or not.

While people were grieving and emotions were sky high, police were driving away from the scene laughing as if nothing happened. His brother, who wanted to remain nameless, also said, "They the reason people carrying guns," then pointed toward police. This is business as usual for them. Not only do killer cops get a vacation but also a gofundme and a notch on their belt.

The police narrative is always the same. It seems as though they have a handbook on how to justify state sanctioned murder properly. It always starts the same, the "suspect" had a weapon. But the second amendment is meant for all law abiding Americans, not just white people. We all have the right to bear arms.

Ever since Darren Wilson was exonerated, it's empowered police all across the region to get away with murder. There has been no training for de-escalation, no action or response besides hotspot policing. Even a citizen review board has been met with resistance. The police union went so far as to threaten a work stoppage or have the whole police force quit if one is created.

This proves that the Saint Louis Police force, both county and city, have no plans to change how they operate. This should be alarming. We pay taxes for them to keep us in fear, essentially contributing to our own oppression. They supposedly protect and serve but none of us feel protected.

However, they are serving - serving young men bullets.

It seems the more awareness the movement spreads the higher the body count. The string of no indictments has given Saint Louis Police, along with police nationwide, a free ticket to kill anyone at any time. Until police officers are held accountable, and proper consequences rendered, we will see this trend in state sanctioned murder continue to rise. Do not wait until this problem hits home before you decide to take action. I implore everyone to join the movement and help make a difference in our community and yours