International Solidarity: HUU'S Rika and T-Dubbo Head to Mexico #LiberacionHUU

When we met on August 10th in front of the Ferguson Police Department, we would have never thought our shared common interests and vision for the movement would see use traveling outside of the country.  But we understand that the eyes of the world have been on Ferguson, so we will be traveling to Mexico City, Mexico on February 4th-8th to learn about other movements and gain international support for our cause. 

This will be our first visit to Mexico, and hopefully not our last. When you feel in your heart that the issue is much bigger than “Ferguson” or the black community, you must travel and experience the different struggles, cultures and strategies used by other leaders and activists. We look forward to not only standing in solidarity with the Mexican people, but also learning about the vision that the people of Mexico have for the liberation of oppressed people.

Why Mexico?

  • Did you know that the War on Drugs is directly affecting people of the United States and Mexico?
  • The War on Drugs mostly affects the black and brown community. In 2014, about 110k alone if not more were killed by it.
  • Our goal when traveling to Mexico is to create unity between our struggles from Police Brutality and War on Drugs between

Ferguson and Mexico. 

  • Mike Brown was executed August 9, 2014 in a small town by the name of Ferguson where his body laid the blazing sun for 4 ½ hours. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and that was the day we stood up and decided we would fight back.
  • What some may not know is about a month later 43 Guerrero students were abducted in Mexico by Police!
  • The Ferguson movement helped inspire the young activists in Mexico to stand up and resist. Hundreds of thousands stood up and took it to the streets.
  • We believe that the black and brown communities have common enemies and we must connect and build with each other to become stronger, and unify this hateful world.
  • We have already been educated on immigration reform and the issues that our undocumented brown brothers and sisters have to go through here in the U.S and we have been connected and working with them and we feel it is time to expand our connection beyond the US.


If you would like to join us along our trip to Mexico, just follow our hashtag. We will be posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine 

We chose the hashtag specifically because it fits perfectly for what we  are fighting for, which is Black and Brown liberation. Let’s Get Free!


Rika and T-Dubb-O