Investigation Reveals That Four Florida Officers Filmed KKK Video, Texting About 'Killing Niggers'

By Shaun King

After a five-month investigation, three Fort Lauderdale officers were fired and one resigned when it was determined that they regularly exchanged racist text messages and filmed a video promoting the KKK. The disturbing full photocopies of their text messages are below the fold.

Included in their exchanges with one another are messages where they openly talk about "killing nigg*rs". In another exchange about looking for suspects, they state:

I had a wet dream that you two found those n-----s in the VW and gave them the death penalty right there on the spot.

These exchanges aren't just disturbing because they are racist, but they must have widespread implications on how these four men performed their essential duties. To believe that these men felt the way they clearly feel about African Americans, but that their attitudes had no significant impact on how they investigated cases and treated people is preposterous.

Will they be allowed to serve as officers elsewhere? Will nothing be done to look at their prior cases? These essential questions and more must be answered.

The photocopies of their entire text exchanges can be seen below.