Police Wanted to Charge 12-year-old Tamir Rice with 'Aggravated Menacing' and 'Inducing Panic'

Recently obtained documents from the Cleveland Police Department, displayed below, show that Tamir Rice was going to be charged with the outrageous crimes of "aggravated menacing" and "inducing panic."

Dear police: We give those crimes back to you. All across the United States, you have induced panic and served as aggravating menaces and have gotten away with these crimes for far too long.

How dare you ever consider charging this young brother with these crimes. He was no menace, but a sixth-grade boy, and the only reason you or anyone else panicked was because of his brown skin. Here are eight white people who pointed real guns at real people and lived to tell the story.

The bogus criminal report for Tamir is below.

Notice the following three points.

1. They list three victims of Tamir Rice:

a. The State of Ohio
b. Officer Loehmann (who shot and killed Tamir)
c. Officer Garmback (who drove the vehicle)

This is essential. They are not claiming Tamir was a menace or induced panic to other people in the park, but to the officers. ABSURD.

2. At the end of the report, notice that they say this complaint was "abated by death."

3. Notice the officer who shot and killed Tamir claims to have had minor injuries.