The Empire Is Falling, People Get Ready! - @tefpoe

We could all possibly be witnessing the breakdown of the Trump administration in real time. As many of us have long predicted, this administration has been rocked by scandal after scandal. Could we be watching the infrastructure of the beast collapse from within? This doesn't mean the end of the world is near, but it does mean as an opposing force to the empire we should view this as an opportunity to create progress.

Since the building is already on fire, what we do with the rubble may best tell the actual story. We're watching global elites scratch their heads about how to properly respond to this administration and their perpetual fuck ups. Even the most brilliant crooks of this era are set back by the spree of stupidity that has been exposed surrounding Trump and his administration. Rome is burning and soon the villagers will grow a little too uncomfortable with their newfound king. It's time to attack while the monster is preoccupied with his self. 

For the revolutionary brigades of this land, this moment could prove itself to be more valuable than we may want to believe. It is the perfect time to become more intentional about our grassroots organizing efforts. I highly doubt this is the absolute end of American imperialism, but even still this moment can serve an important point in the evolution of modern day movement building. My enemy's enemy is my friend. 

So while the media dukes it out with Agent Orange, we should be hell bent on developing a more sophisticated agenda for ourselves. If the system collapses tomorrow every human in our society will need answers. Black people aren't responsible solely for the liberation of ourselves, the future of this entire planet is resting on our shoulders. 

We are the first to carry the slack and often the last to receive the benefits. We have always organized against global oppression and upheld the traditions of our foremothers and fathers. These traditions are rooted in resistance and resilience. We took a blow to the gut when Trump was elected, but he didn't knock us out. We're still in the fight and he's bound to suffer defeat. True question is, what are we going to do afterwards in order to ensure this doesn't happen again? How do we pick off Pence and impeach him if he doesn't leave with Trump? 

Will the system really eliminate one of its own on this level?Why did mainstream media turn on Trump so quickly after initially supporting him? Who is organizing the strongest against his flawed healthcare bill? And the new American anti-Mexican Great Wall? 

These are questions we should all be answering. How do we use our collectivity to kick the wounded orange muppet in his knees? The people that wake up daily to ruin the world don't take days off. In order to defeat them we have to be everything they aren't. I encourage us all to think about this as an opportunity to move the ball forward more than anything else.