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Dear Republican Governors Association & Democratic Governors Association,

We are writing to request that you encourage your colleague, Governor Jay Nixon, to appoint a special prosecutor in the case of Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown.

On August 9th, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot by the Ferguson Police Department's (FPD) Darren Wilson. Left dead in the streets for over four hours, the FPD's handling of the case has been called into question by both local residents and the international community. If that wasn't enough, Amnesty International, the globally respected human rights organizations, recently filed a report raising concerns about the FPD's violent response to peaceful protests following the killing of the college bound youth.

To top off the disrespect, St. Louis District Attorney Robert P. McCulloch sent Darren Wilson's case to a secret grand jury, whose actions have been called "irresponsible" and "an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about the case" by the Department of Justice.

Justice should not be deferred when it's politically expedient; and special grand juries should not be allowed to undermine the rule of law, even when representatives from the state, in this case a police officer, stand accused of murder. As a fully endowed citizen of the United States, Michael Brown, had inalienable rights protected by the Constitution. As it stands, this young man's case has quickly become a symbol for millions of young people who feel that America is not living up to its promises simply because of Mike Brown's racial and economic background.

Again, we encourage you to tell your colleague, Governor Nixon, he needs to step in and appoint a special prosecutor in this case immediately. There are too many irregularities to trust that the current process is impartial. More poignantly, this flawed approach is sure to reinforce the long held belief that black lives do not matter in America.

Leadership from Governor Nixon could once and for all show the world that America is ready to live up to its promises. The world is watching and young voters will not forget who had their backs come election time.


Hands Up United, Dream Defenders, Vote Mob, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Black Youth Project 100, GenYNot, Code Pink, The League of Young Voters, OneHood and Occupy the Hood