While playing a critical role in the North American uprising for black lives, HandsUpUnited aims to fulfill the political void that remains from the historical archives of the black power movement. HandsUpUnited strongly believes liberation for black and brown oppressed individuals will solely be achieved through self determination and other impractical means of political education.

These values are easily observed through such programs as Books and Breakfast which is currently replicated in over 33 American cities and 2 continents. Our Technology Institute is aimed at teaching black and brown youth to use coding as a means of combating the complicated issues plaguing our communities. We have started a food and clothing disbursement program for poverty stricken families. We also host weekly men and women circles to help community deal with the psychological turmoils of oppression.


Tara Tee    Director, @chattyantisoc  

Tara Tee  Director, @chattyantisoc  

Divest. Build. Love.
We are the revolution.
— Tara Tee
Your support helps bring dreams back into the Black Community. Thank you for your continuous support, Peace
— T-Dubb-O
T-Dubb-O   Director,   @TDubbO

T-Dubb-O Director, @TDubbO

Rika Tyler   Director, @_ImRikaJai

Rika Tyler Director, @_ImRikaJai

You all are change agents, and I want to challenge you to start building in your communities. There is a place for everyone in the movement, not every place is for everybody. Thank you
— Rika Tyler
How can we prepare our kids for the future if we have not prepared our world for them?
— Tory Russell
Tory Russell   Director, @vanguardtnt

Tory Russell Director, @vanguardtnt

Tef Poe   Director,   @TefPoe

Tef Poe Director, @TefPoe

Change happens at a casual pace solely as long as we allow it to be this way. As artists we have a heightened responsibility to the lead the way for the free thinkers of the world. The revolution hibernates deeply within the confines of spaces like this. The most unlikely people are the ones that shape history for the rest of us. We are a generation of unlikely individuals.
— Tef Poe