We really appreciate the support the world has given us, Saint Louis, and Ferguson. With your support we have been able to establish a tech institute where we teach children how to code and build websites, we've kept our books and breakfast program running for almost two years now, and we've launched several other programs and campaigns to fight oppression.  Since we are approaching the winter months this contribution will help us keep our programs running throughout the end of 4th quarter and 1st quarter of next year.

Our Books and Breakfast program has been running consecutively for 18 months now. It is currently now running in 33 cities and 2 other countries. We have fed over a thousand people and given away thousands of books. We feed and educate the community around political topics. This is not only a need seeing our school system here in St. Louis is failing, but also preventative measures battling illiteracy. Our tech impact program so far has graduated two classes of black youth. We taught them how to code and build websites. Upon completion of the course they received stipends and laptops. Graduates also received paid internships from businesses to build websites and apps. We use this class to also teach social justice and provide opportunity the thrive as a independent business owner. In September we launched a new program entitled Friday Freedom Flix. We show politically based films to the community to educate on different subjects. Next year we will launch our men and women's circles as well as our new program entitled IOD, which is an acronym for it's ok to dream. We will have dance classes, music production and engineering courses, photography courses, graphic design courses, drawing classes, etc. We will start with art for the children and expand to sports, science, and other career paths.

We want to cultivate dreams in our communities. Where we are from children are forced to relinquish their dreams due to all the inequalities we face. We are still active in the streets fighting systematic oppression as well. We also partner with a national coalition of organizations and civil rights attorneys fighting systematic oppression through policy reform. We will be launching membership opportunities for people to join HUU next year in order to expand our work. We appreciate your support and hope we can continue to count on you all in the future.


Thank you once again and remember to keep fighting. Your comrades at HUU,


Rika T, T-Dubb-O, Tef Poe, Tara, & Tory.


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Hands Up United is a project fiscally administered by ETINA (Environmentalism Through Inspiration and Non-Violent Action), a non-profit charitable organization under IRS code section 501 (c)(3).

To support our work, Donate online or write checks to "Hands Up United/ ETINA" and mail it to:

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