The revolution will be digitized. Computer programming and web development are 21st century skills that can be used to activate ideas, grow small businesses and build grass-root movements. As a way to counter cyber warfare and address the issues of economic and educational inequality, HandsUpUnited will lead technical training workshops in the Ferguson/Greater St. Louis area.


Roy Clay Sr. Web Development and Entrepreneurship

A free six-week workshop aimed at teaching St. Louis candidates ages 16-30 web development including HTML, CSS, Web Hosting, Mobile app design, UX and UI, entrepreneurship and client management.  Participants will create web presence for an assigned minority owned business to strengthen skills and awareness of community businesses. Graduates receive a $500 stipend upon completion and are considered for a personal laptop to begin making their impact on the community.


JavaScript Justice

A free 10-week initiative of the Tech Institute, this course is interactive and heavily led by students to advance proficiency in Javascript and problem solving. The course fosters an environment of community and encourages students to envision how Javascript and technology can be used to improve the lives of those around them. Students are ultimately challenged with hosting their own installment of Javascript Justice.


Tech Team

As a mentor, you will work with participants to foster growth in skills, but more importantly in confidence, become a part of our TechTeam.

 As a you will lend your expertise to collaborate, knowledge share, and build with us. Help us grow!   

Small Businesses

Do you need help creating or launching your website? Our youth can help, please contact us.

Tech Volunteer

As a volunteer, you will help with operations, logistics, community building, spreading the word, and social media.