• To resist subjugation through lack of knowledge + collectivity

  • To restore minds + bodies of the people to an adequate place to fight for freedom

  • To survive social + economic oppression by sharing the skills needed to create the society we are fighting for


While playing a critical role in the North American uprising for Black lives, HandsUpUnited aims to fulfill the political void that remains from the historical archives of the Black Power Movement. HandsUpUnited strongly believes liberation for oppressed Black and Brown people will be achieved solely through self determination coupled with traditional and nontraditional means of political education.

Some of our movement can be easily observed through our programs; Books and Breakfast is currently replicated in over 52 cities in the United States and 4 continents. Our Tech Institute teaches Black and Brown youth to use coding as a means to combat the complicated issues plaguing our communities. We've started a People's Pantry to assist families who may be experiencing some hardship and we are hosting men and women circles to help community deal with the psychological turmoils of oppression.